ANKY Climatrole Boots -Medium

$89 $129

The ANKY® Climatrole horse boots set a new standard when it comes to leg protection!

Both the flexible, yet shockproof synthetic shell and the shock-absorbing neoprene lining are perforated. These perforations encourage the natural flow of air, as a result of which heat and moisture can be transported easily. In addition, the boots are equipped with the registered I.4U Heat Dispenser System in the form of aluminum collectors on the skin side. These small metal discs collect the heat of the leg and transport it to the outer of the boot. The aluminum remains cool during this process. The horse boots are not glued together to make sure that the technical functions are not blocked. The outer of the boot is finished with perforated synthetic leather. The underlying technical metal coating shines through the perforations, which allows for a subtle sparkling effect. The lightweight boots have secure Velcro closures and can be put in the washing machine. 

Sold in pairs

Size S: Pony/Cob frontlegs
Size M: Cob hindlegs / Full frontlegs (3 Straps)
Size L: Full hindlegs / Extra Full frontlegs (4 Straps)

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