ANKY Comfort Fit Bridle


The philosophy behind the design of the ANKY® Comfort Fit is to create a bridle that is as comfortable as possible for the sensitive head of a horse. This ultra comfortable bridle has all modern conveniences. The ergonomic headpiece is anatomically shaped, extra softly padded and relieves the pressure on the sensitive spots at the horse’s head. The crank noseband is anatomically shaped as well and is softly padded at the right spots. The punch holes have a distance of not more than 1 cm for an even better fit. The soft chin pad and protection flaps of the buckles complete this friendly bridle.

The slightly curved Rivets brow band with shiny imitation diamonds of Stellux™ in two different sizes give this bridle a stylish touch. The bridle is made of high quality English leather and is supplied with an anti slip rein with rein stop.

*NOTE: The in-stock bridle has a solid black noseband*

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