BR Majestic White Croc Lacquer Boots

$45 $70

Stylish boots in synthetic patent leather with Croco print and a soft synthetic sheepskin lining. This sheep-friendly lining is super soft, lightweight, breathable and very maintenance-friendly. The lining distributes pressure evenly and helps to prevent rubbing. Ideal for horses with sensitive skin. The boot’s impact zone is reinforced with a layer of shock-absorbing neoprene to provide extra protection. The boot features three strong Velcro fastenings with elastic inserts. Thanks to its flexible design and adjustable Velcro fastenings, the boot can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Suitable for forelegs and hind legs. Packaged as a pair. Machine washable.

NOTE: The White Croc has been marked down as they were a display set so may have a little spot of dirt...BUT brand new and absolutely gorgeous! 

Size S: 2 velcro closures – Pony/Cob front legs
Size M: 3 velcro closures – Cob hindlegs / Full front legs
Size L: 3 velcro closures – Full hindlegs / Extra Full front legs
Size XL: 3 velcro closures – Extra Full hindlegs

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