SD Design

SD Design Hollywood Glamorous Blueberry Twinkles Glitter Jump Pad

$65 $84

Glitter and sparkle! We love it!  With our new Hollywood Glamorous Collection we have gone all in on glitter! The entire saddle pad is made in the most amazing and sparkling fabric you can ever imagine. The pictures does not do them justice at all!

This top quality saddle pad It is not "just" a glitter saddle pad. We have made a design, with the technicality of the fabric and shape of the saddle pad in mind. The inside is made with the soft and unique High IQ Cool Comfort fabric which is sweat- and heat transporting. The shape of the saddlepad is anatomic and stays put during riding and does not lay pressure on the withers.

The girth strap is with velcro and opens easily when you remove the girth.

Wash 30 degrees C, no centrifuge and wash inside out. Stretch after washing.

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