SD Design

SD Sapphire Polo Wraps

$40 $50

Sapphire Gem Collection fleece bandages.

 Our new collection is made of a new, never seen before, shiny metallic look fabric. It looks amazing and brings shine and life to the bandages.

This fabric is so unique that our collection had to have more meaning than all other collections. Therefore we decided on naming the collection after precious Gem stones.

 The Sapphire Gem stone stands for “Wisdom, Concentration & Dreams”.

 The bandages are with fleece and the velcro is out of the same shiny metallic looking fabric as the saddle pad, so they make a perfect match.

* Set with 4 pcs. fleece bandages.
* Classic and stylish SD logo in silver.
* Mashine wash on 30 degrees recommended.
* One size. The bandages are 3,5m long so you can cut the end of, if you need shorter bandages.

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